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Eventjoy (Acquired by Ticketmaster)
DIY mobile-first event ticketing
A full ticketing product suite for event organizers to organize conferences, workshops, parties, meetups, and more. We offered multiple iOS and Android apps, a full event management system on web, and a robust API. I handled everything from all design and marketing to fundraising and acquisition negotiations. We were funded by Y Combinator, and later acquired by Ticketmaster as a team of two. At Ticketmaster, I served as a VP on the business unit to continue building the product, scaling distribution, and growing the team. Sunsetted in late 2015.
Notable: Eventjoy powered thousands of events worldwide => Sold hundreds of thousands of tickets => Generated millions of dollars in transactional revenue for our event organizers.
DIY direct mail postcard marketing
A self-service product to design and send highly personalized direct mail campaigns at scale. Mailjoy makes sending physical mail campaigns as simple, targeted, and powerful as email campaigns. Mailjoy has powered campaigns for everything from late stage consumer startups to non-profit organizations.
Notable: We created a completely self-service experience for a process that's traditionally done offline due to the complexities of print and postage. As a result, we've made direct mail marketing accessible to a new portion of the market. Today, Mailjoy is one of the top direct mail apps in the United States.

Other Products

As a product person, I enjoy ideating, designing, and testing new product ideas. Some ideas live in my notepad, some never go beyond prototypes in Sketch, and some make it to market as a shipped product. Here are a few of the products I've shipped.

Apps and resources for cryptogoods/cryptocollectibles
Notable: All apps were featured in the top crypto wallets -- Coinbase Wallet, Opera, and Trust Wallet.
Real-time push and email notifications for Ethereum activity
Handmade framed photos delivered to your door
Notable: Featured by Apple multiple times across several categories.
Design and mail postcards with your own photos worldwide
Notable: Featured by Apple multiple times across several categories.
Activity Walls
Projectable displays at events to highlight social activity
Notable: Its SEO outranked nearly all paid product equivalents and drove hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Sunsetted after Ticketmaster acquisition


I've also helped exceptional teams like Rare Bits, Namebase, and SketchDeck with everything from product strategy and design to go-to-market and product launches.