About me

😎 I'm an entrepreneur with a strong focus on product, marketing, and design

📈 The last venture-backed company I founded was funded by Y Combinator and later acquired by Ticketmaster

⚒ I've also built and grown a variety of bootstrapped B2B and consumer products

💰 I'm an early-stage startup investor and advisor that enjoys being helpful

👀 I'm currently exploring new venture opportunities. Some areas of interest include crypto, personal finance, health and fitness, direct-to-consumer/e-commerce, and future of work

Bonus content

  • I enjoy being active, especially running. I completed my first marathon in 2018.
  • I like to travel and explore new parts of the world. I’ve visited over 20 countries.
  • I call San Francisco home, but I've been living and working remotely on and off for the past two years.
  • I seek out new experiences rather than new things to purchase. I generally live minimally.
  • I enjoy capturing memorable moments as an amateur photographer.
  • I love food — especially ramen, dim sum, and peanut butter.
  • I'm an active reader, and listener of podcasts.

I tweet frequently, but occasionally write long form content too. You can reach me at hello [at] my full name [dot] com