👋 Hi, I'm Todd Goldberg. I'm a tech entrepreneur and investor, and an NFT collector.

I'm an angel investor in startups (100+) including Mercury, Superhuman, Clearbit, Nexhealth, Placer, AngelList Venture, Supabase, Manifold, Slingshot, Syndicate, Alt, ClassDojo, Lob, Eight Sleep, Coda, Zip.

I'm a founder of Curated, a crypto-native NFT fund that collects culturally significant NFTs and supports the broader community of creators and builders. I've been exploring NFTs since 2018 (I built the first NFT gallery).

Previously, I founded Eventjoy (YC W14; Acquired by Ticketmaster) and Mailjoy. I enjoy building products, and have designed and launched nearly a dozen across crypto, consumer, and B2B.

I also occasionally share the most interesting products I find through Product Drops.

Writings | Twitter | Email | toddgoldberg.eth