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Early-stage investor

I'm an angel investor that enjoys helping other founders build and grow their products. I try to be helpful mostly around product (strategy, positioning, design), go-to-market, and general strategy. I previously founded Eventjoy (backed by Y Combinator) and later sold it to Ticketmaster. I've also built and grown a variety of consumer (2x featured by Apple) and B2B products.

I bring my startup experience, network, and product evangelism to the teams I get the opportunity to work with. As an operator, I empathize with the immense challenge of building something new from nothing. I help companies get to product/market fit faster and, ultimately, be well positioned for future funding rounds. I make myself available to founders at all times and am always eager to help.

Let's build something great.

If you're an investor, you can invest with me through my syndicate.

From the founders

"Todd is very generous with his time, has fantastic product sense, and is empathetic to boot."

Rahul Vohra, Superhuman

"Todd has been one of our most helpful investors. He’s helped us with fundraising, marketing, and product. If you’re raising, you should try to get him onboard!"

Noam Ben-Zvi, Placer

"Todd has been one of our most valuable investors. He regularly makes introductions to useful people and is always available to run new ideas by or give advice."

Christopher Finneral, SketchDeck

"Todd sees the whole picture as well as anyone, and has become a go-to source of advice on everything from product design to fundraising. Generous and thoughtful guy to boot."

Josh Hubball, Level

"Todd has amazing product sense, and he's also one of the most passionate and intelligent people I've gotten to know from Florida all the way out to San Francisco."

Nikhil Kundra, Partender

How I help

  • Product - Strategy, marketing/positioning, design
  • Go-to-market - Product evangelism, user acquisition, growth experiments
  • Strategy - Sequencing the right mix of product and go-to-market tactics to find product/market fit
  • Fundraising - Strategy, narrative design, deck creation, investor intros
  • Startup misc - M&A, being a sounding board :)

I can help with both B2B and consumer products. If we work together, you can message me anytime. I'll try my best to help as quickly as possible.

What I look for

I'm market and geo agnostic, and aim to invest early (where I can add the most value). When I look at early-stage startups, I focus on the founders, product, and market.

  • Founders who are technical (i.e engineer, designer, product), formidable, and relentlessly resourceful. They have a track record of building good products, show deep empathy for their customers, and have experience and/or non-obvious insights in their market
  • A product that’s initially at least 10x better/faster/cheaper vs. alternatives (or lack thereof) with a path to establishing a long-term moat
  • Billion dollar plus addressable market
  • Thought out go-to-market plan + a distribution hook to get the product in front of people
  • Stage-relevant traction

Select themes of interest

  • Productivity - Make knowledge workers more effective
  • Business infrastructure - Empower other businesses by abstracting away complexity
  • Health is wealth - Fitness; wellness; mental health; DTC
  • Creator stack - Ways for individuals to create, engage, and monetize audiences
  • Future of work - Distributed teams; new models of work
  • Fintech - New ways to invest and manage personal capital

Last updated: 10/18/19