Notable products

Eventjoy (Acquired by Ticketmaster)
DIY mobile-first event ticketing
A full ticketing product suite for event organizers to organize conferences, workshops, parties, meetups, and more. We offered multiple iOS and Android apps, a full event management system on web, and a robust API. I handled everything from all design and marketing to fundraising and acquisition negotiations. At Ticketmaster, I oversaw the business to scale distribution and grow the team. Sunsetted in late 2015.
Notable: We helped event organizers create thousands of events worldwide which facilitated the sale of hundreds of thousands of tickets that generated millions of dollars in transactional revenue.
DIY direct mail postcard marketing
A self-service product to design and send highly personalized direct mail campaigns at scale. We make sending physcial mail campaigns as simple, targeted, and powerful as email campaigns. We've powered campaigns for everything from late stage consumer startups to non-profit organizations.
Notable: We created a completely self-service experience for a process that's traditionally done offline due to the complexities of print and postage. As a result, we've made direct mail marketing accessible to a new portion of the market. Today, Mailjoy is one of the top direct mail apps in the United States.
CryptoGoods Swag
Create unique, physical items for cryptogoods you own
A fun way to create real items like t-shirts, mugs, and iPhone cases for the cryptogoods you own. Pay privately in crypto and get the items delivered fast.
Notable: One of the most highlighted decentralized apps (dapps) to date. Featured in Coinbase Wallet, Opera Browser, and Trust Wallet. Optimized for both desktop and mobile web3 browsers.
CryptoGoods Gallery
Customizable, shareable collections for cryptogoods you own
The first type of product to show off all the cryptogoods you own. Each collection is themeable, shareable, and provides analytics. Collectors even get their own profiles to show off all of their collections.
Notable: Featured in Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet. Optimized for both desktop and mobile web3 browsers.
A single resource to learn about and explore cryptogoods (the asset)
A brand synonymous with the rise of cryptogood assets. These are unique digital goods backed by a blockchain. provides resources and apps for these kinds of assets.
Notable: CryptoGoods started as a specific app (now called CryptoGoods Swag). Since then, the term "cryptogoods" has evolved to generally describe unique, blockchain-backed digital goods. is now a resource to support the space.
Real-time push and email notifications for Ethereum activity
A tool to track activity for Ethereum accounts of interest. Everything from receiving and sending any currency created on Ethereum to the sale and transfer of CryptoKitties is tracked.
Handmade framed photos delivered to your door
An iPhone app to design framed prints for your photos. The frames are handmade and can be gift-wrapped with an included handwritten note. We handle everything from print to delivery. They make great gifts and are the easiest way to frame a photo.
Notable: Featured by Apple multiple times across several categories.
Design and mail postcards with your own photos worldwide
An iPhone app to turn your photos into custom postcards that you can enhance with stickers and personal messages. We handle print and delivery worldwide, regardless of where you create the postcard.
Notable: Featured by Apple multiple times across several categories.
Activity Walls
Projectable displays at events to highlight social activity
A free twitter wall product to create beautiful, projectable displays of live social activity around events. It was an engineering-as-marketing product for Eventjoy that ended up becoming extremely popular. Sunsetted in 2018 by Universe (a Ticketmaster entity).
Notable: Its SEO outranked nearly all paid product equivalents and drove hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.