About me

Hi there! I’m Todd Goldberg, an entrepreneur with a passion for creating delightful products, experiences, and brands. I love creating something from nothing. While I'm experienced in bringing new ventures from ideation to acquisition, my strengths revolve around a mix of product, design, marketing, and growth. Together, they give me a unique superpower on how to bring compelling, thoughtful products to market quickly, along with the efforts required to iterate, grow, and scale them afterwards.

The last venture-funded company I founded, Eventjoy, went through Y Combinator and was later acquired by Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticketing company. I’ve since gone on to create new consumer and B2B products through my bootstrapped product studio Something People Want. Our most notable products include Mailjoy and CryptoGoods.

I occassionally invest in early-stage startups, as well as advise when I can be helpful. I enjoy working in the trenches alongside exceptional founders to help them solve problems, and learn from them about their respective markets. I'm sector agnostic, and prefer to get involved as early as possible so I can add significant value around the v1 product and go-to-market efforts.

Lately, I’ve been building, investing, and exploring ideas in crypto and Web3. It's an exciting time to play a small role in the development and adoption of both digital assets and the next phase of the internet. While we're in the early stages of both, I believe over the coming decade there will be a growing unexplored design space to create new kinds of products around money, goods, and data that are uniquely enabled by this technology.

I'm open to exploring new ventures in a variety of capacities: co-founder, investor, or advisor. At the very least, if I can be helpful in some way, please reach out.

I tweet frequently, but occassionally write long form content. You can reach me at hello [at] my full name [dot] com


Bonus content

  • I enjoy being active, especially running. I completed my first marathon in 2018.
  • I like to travel and explore new parts of the world. I’ve visited over 20 countries.
  • I call San Francisco home, but I've been living and working remotely on and off for the past two years.
  • I seek out new experiences rather than new things to purchase. I generally live minimally.
  • I enjoy capturing memorable moments as an amateur photographer.
  • I love food — especially ramen, dim sum, and peanut butter.
  • I'm an active reader, and listener of podcasts.