World's fastest email client
B2B data products
Google Analytics for brick and mortar
Design as a service for businesses
Globally-accessible lending products
Track and visualize your daily life
Framing for consumers and businesses
Cloud-powered assistant for developers
Flexible car leases for the on-demand economy
Acquired by Ford
Bar inventory management and analytics
Sliced Investing
Hedge fund investing made simple
Shut down

From the founders

"Todd sees the whole picture as well as anyone, and has become a go-to source of advice on everything from product design to fundraising. Generous and thoughtful guy to boot."

Josh Hubball, Level

"Todd has been one of our most valuable investors. He regularly makes introductions to useful people and is always available to run new ideas by or give advice."

Christopher Finneral, SketchDeck

"Todd is very generous with his time, has fantastic product sense, and is empathetic to boot."

Rahul Vohra, Superhuman

"Todd has amazing product sense, and he's also one of the most passionate and intelligent people I've gotten to know from Florida all the way out to San Francisco."

Nikhil Kundra, Partender

Main ways I add value

  • Product - Strategy, roadmap planning, marketing/positioning
  • Design - UI, UX for web and mobile
  • Marketing/User acquisition - Brand marketing, organic (referrals, content, SEO), paid (search, social, direct mail)
  • Startup misc - Early go-to-market, fundraising, M&A, being a sounding board :)

I can help with both B2B and consumer products. I'm especially experienced with all aspects of self-service products -- design, supporting content, user lifecycle engagement, etc.